Utilities rush to improve their operations in the face of digitization, new mobile technologies, system costs, facilitation of network planning, and the increase in distributed and renewable energy resources. ​​

Iskraemeco addresses these challenges with a comprehensive Energy IoT solution that transforms separate electricity, heat, and water networks into a smart, sustainable grid of connected devices.

With the support of our fully integrable software suite ​ ​​​Symbiot, ​​communication architecture and IoT energy meters, companies can now obtain real-time power quality data from low-voltage networks for better data management and optimized consumption.

Solution portfolio

Core solutions

Standard Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)

With all the features needed for billing and device management available in one system, this stand-alone solution seamlessly integrates into our Energy IoT offering.

Advanced eIoT

Extending the data exchange featured in the standard AMI use cases and bringing additional

value to the stakeholders, this stand-alone solution seamlessly integrates into our Energy IoT offering.

Solution architecture

​​Iskraemeco’s Energy IoT is a complete solution that facilitates the deployment of complex, large-scale smart metering projects and drives digital transformation.

With the help of a powerful multilayer technology, the Energy IoT solution enables provisioning, management, and automation of connected devices within the IoT landscape. The platform consists of ready-to-use features that streamline rapid application development by ensuring scalability and cross-device compatibility. The components divided into three main groups are horizontally and vertically scalable to accommodate the growing data volume resulting from the rapid installation of devices during a roll-out.


  • Field devices (electricity meters, multiutility meters, and sensors)
  • Communication devices supporting various communication technologies
  • Gateways
  • Sensors


  • Symbiot, a head-end system (HES) with an external key-management system (KMS)
  • Meter-data management (MDM) functionalities for offering meter data collection
  • Online tariff adjustment
  • Quality of supply and power quality
  • Customer engagement
  • Integration


  • Planning
  • Deployment
  • After-sales activities (support services, training, managed services, maintenance)

Energy IoT Benefits

Modernizing communication

​​​Iskraemeco is committed to helping companies in their digital transformation, with specific focus on new communication technologies. Modular IoT energy meters allow for quick and cost-effective changes and upgrades, so businesses can stay up-to-date with the latest technology and maintain the highest possible level of communication performance, data management, and end-to-end security.

A multi-utility approach

Multi-utility systems often require separate metering systems for electricity, water, heat, and gas, each with its own associated costs. Our integrated multi-utility Energy IoT solution unifies these systems and allows for measuring, billing, and management of gas, water, and heating devices. As it is integrated into the existing end-to-end electricity metering system, the solution dramatically reduces the cost of running separate systems for each utility.

Improved investment planning

​​Most current grid systems do not yield sufficient data for proper investment planning into low-voltage infrastructure. Our latest Energy IoT solution can gather and stream more data than ever before, identifying and analyzing load trends, peak values, averages, and anomalies. This means our customers can closely monitor their grids and make accurate predictions about maintenance and investment needs based on better data management.

Data for flexible energy markets

The digitalization of the energy market is bringing forth entirely new types of energy businesses, such as flexibility operators and aggregators with much higher demands on data exchange. Our Energy IoT solution was designed with these requirements in mind. We now offer near real-time information from low-voltage endpoints, meaning our solution essentially acts as an information broker for various energy suppliers.

Power-quality monitoring

The use of distributed and renewable energy resources will double in the next few years, as the world seeks to become less dependent on traditional energy resources.

Project Execution

Let’s start a project together!

Iskraemeco’s IoT for energy management goes even further, introducing a variety of valuable features to the hardware and application layers. It offers components for front-end and analytics, on-device data processing, and cloud based deployment. Contact us and we will find the best solution for your specific requirements.