Residential Smart Meters


"Smart grid ready" modular meter


This next generation smart meter, with an innovative platform approach enables seamless integration of next generation smart metering functions into the smart grid. A universal standardized transparent pass-through communication interface inside the meter facilitates effortless exchange of various communication modules – this gives utilities the needed flexibility for future business models. PLC communication modules are backward compatible and thus allow, for example, an easy switch from G1 to G3 communication technology. Customer specific applications for the Smart Grid add a whole new level to the meters` flexibility.



  • Optimized new metrology base with a powerful "Measure Everything" measuring concept
  • Modular communication on WAN (P3) and HAN (P1) level
  • FW upgradeability of communication modules (P3 port)
  • Flexible memory capacity
  • Flexible set of input/output options
  • Sub-metering support and data forwarding over various HAN and WAN communication paths



  • G3 PLC communication
  • Point to point communication