Slovakia on its way to smart metering with Iskraemeco smart meters

Slovakia has set a detailed smart metering plan to fulfil the EU requirements in the area of energy efficiency by 2020. The country`s goal is to install around one million smart meters that will enable utilities to perform demand response and allow consumers to better manage their energy consumption. Distribution system operators have already started the process of exchanging electromechanical meters with smart technology. 

Stredoslovenská energetika - Distribúcia, a. s. (SSE-D) is one of the three largest Slovak utilities (together operating a network of 2.35 million metering points) delivering and managing electric energy for the middle region of Slovakia. SSE-D`s network consists of more than 650,000 metering points. With the implementation of smart metering the utility aims to modernise and optimise its existing network. After a rigorous technical qualification process, Iskraemeco smart meters based on GSM/GPRS were chosen for the first phase of smart meter installation. SSE-D`s plans is to equip more than 120.000 metering points with smart meters by the end of 2020.


Iskraemeco smart meters with a 3G module, that enables much faster communication, will be installed in households and smaller commercial environments. Demand response will enable the utility to improve their energy demand and consumption planning and shift energy consumption to off-peak hours. The introduction of a smart metering system will enable the utility to operate with detailed information on customer energy behaviour. Consumers, on the other hand, will have the opportunity to get actively involved in their daily consumption activities and reduce their electricity related costs.


As explained by Ing. Milan Valjašek, Head of ICT development SSE-D, ”By modernising the existing distribution network, we will be able to raise the awareness regarding energy use that will further on have impact on energy savings and optimisation of electricity planning, representing essential improvements for our business processes. We believe that Iskraemeco, with comprehensive experience in smart metering implementation, is the right partner to achieve the set goals.