Iskraemeco`s newest SEP2W System version with optimised security features

The 2017 version of the proprietary Head-End system was designed to support various utility needs in future business models. It includes support for MBus devices, optimizations of the meter reading part and integration with Key Management Systems (KMS). Advanced features help utilities to secure and efficiently manage their processes.  

The upgraded SEP2W System 2017 uses high-level authentication and encryption methods for communication between the E-meter and the Head-End System. Special encrypted algorithms that have been integrated into the software platform are one of the major requirements in todays` smart metering projects. Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP) v1.4 from Cryptsoft now enables utilities to perform automated and simple management of crypto material. Partnership with Cryptsoft, a company specialised in cryptography and security, is a significant step forward in providing meter data security for utilities and end consumers.


Additionally, the new software release minimizes the traffic between the E-meter and HES. This reduces the amount of data on communication lines and results in minimized communication costs. All processes related to sub-metering are now optimized and operation with MBus devices is simplified. MBus devices are installed and configured automatically, the system manages all needed configuration on its own. SEP2W System 2017 is ready to support Certificate management, which aligns the software with the latest security trends in the industry.