Iskraemeco to take part in Swiss smart metering plans

Iskraemeco, d.d., one of the leading smart metering solutions provider, signed a five-year framework agreement for smart meter supplies with Swiss EKZ (Elektrizitätswerke des Kantons Zürich). The project will come to life in 2018 and will include Iskraemeco IDIS smart meters with PLC communication. Smart metering is an integral part of the Swiss Energy Strategy aimed at optimizing the country`s energy efficiency. 

Swiss utilities are gradually integrating smart meters into their infrastructure already. The 2018 project will include Iskraemeco smart meters with PLC communication. The smart meters will be based on proven IDIS specifications and use open standards. This way, EKZ will have a fully interoperable solution at hand and the much needed flexibility in future endeavours. Iskraemeco`s partner company in Switzerland, E-lynx, will provide EKZ with supportive services during the project`s implementation and ensure all the needed support during the course of the project.


EKZ is the second largest energy utility in Switzerland. It manages a network of around 290.000 customers in the canton Zürich. The energy company is one of the 900 entities involved in generation, distribution and supply of electricity to approximately 4, 7 million customers in Switzerland. 


The implementation of smart metering in Switzerland is part of the Energy Strategy 2050 that was developed by the Swiss Federal Council. The Strategy aims to significantly develop the existing potential for energy efficiency and exploit the potential of hydro power and new renewable energies. Smart meters are an integral part of this thoughtful plan.