Iskraemeco introduces smart metering to Manchester Airport

Iskraemeco successfully delivered the first part of the smart metering package to one of the busiest airports in the UK - Manchester Airport, in order to support its migration process to smart metering. Smart meters, based on PLC communication combined with software from cooperating partners – CTS and Schneider Electric, now enable accurate and transparent billing that forms the basis for efficient energy management.

An airport is an important intersection point and a vast operational system where keeping up with the latest technology is of extreme importance to ensure smooth operation of everyday activities. This also applies to energy management processes where the numerous benefits of smart metering make it the obvious choice for upgrading traditional commercial metering.


The package that Iskraemeco supplied for this project included data concentrators, smart meters and technical support services. This solution now enables a seamless flow of measurement data, better data transparency and ensures that the airports tenants receive accurate billing of their energy consumption. “We chose Iskraemeco smart metering solution over its competitors mainly because of its innovative PLC technology. Prior to the implementation of the Iskraemeco smart metering system, we would have to manually read over 1200 tenant meters across site on a quarterly basis. Now with the new smart system we are able to bill monthly and far more accurately than ever before”, said John Bradbury, Senior Engineer at Manchester Airport. The airport now also has an efficient tool for managing their carbon reduction commitments and Corporate Social Policies.


The system based on PLC communication allows billing and energy management data to be retrieved using the established electrical cabling infrastructure. By transmitting data down the existing electrical cables, Manchester Airport was able to avoid significant costs associated with cabling and installation .