Iskraemeco and EWA to develop a Smart Grid in Bahrain

Iskraemeco is part of a modernising project that aims to reform the energy sector in Bahrain. After a period of intensive collaboration, Iskraemeco has become one of the leading metering solution providers in Bahrain. Long-term development efforts have led to a Smart Metering contract with Bahrain’s sole utility, Electricity and Water Distribution (EWA). 

EWA recently started with major infrastructure investments for developing a Smart Grid environment. The utility, which manages a network of more than 510,000 metering points, started with the installation of 50,000 Iskraemeco smart meters for residential and commercial users in 2015. In 2017, a complete smart metering system, including smart meters and software for meter data collection and management, SEP2W System, was up and running. The project will continue in phases within the next couple of years. With smart metering in place, EWA aims to optimise their energy management processes and minimise electricity theft.


During the planning process, both entities focused on developing an optimised solution that would fit the utility’s needs. This gives the utility maximum security of metering data and ensures the flexibility needed for future technological upgrades. Organisational learning processes are helping to improve the processes at both ends and support upgrading of the existing infrastructure.